Collective Publications

The publications below emerged out of the shared writing, thinking, and discussions of the Editorship Studies Collective, 2020-present.


Joshua Ortiz Baco, Sarah H. Salter, Benjamin Charles Germain Lee, and Jim Casey. “Towards An Experimental Bibliography of Hemispheric Reconstruction Newspapers.” Criticism (forthcoming).


Jim Casey and Sarah H. Salter. “With, Without, Even Still: Frederick Douglass, L’Union, and Editorship Studies.” American Literature, 94 (2): 245–272, 2022.


Benjamin Charles Germain Lee, Joshua Ortiz Baco, Sarah H. Salter, Jim Casey. “Navigating the Mise-en-Page: Interpretive Machine Learning Approaches to the Visual Layouts of Multi-Ethnic Periodicals.” Computational Humanities Research, 2021.


Joshua Ortiz Baco. “Title Essays, Linked Data, and the Ethnic Press in Chronicling America,” NEH’s Our Work Blog, Aug 17, 2020.

Joshua Ortiz Baco. “Reimagining Searching in Chronicling America,” NEH’s Our Work Blog, July 17, 2020.

Member Publications

The publications below pre-date or supplement the collective publications on the study of editors, editing, and editorship.


Jim Casey. “We Need a Press—A Press of Our Own: The Black Press Beyond Abolition.” Civil War History, 68 (2): 117-130, 2022.


Benjamin Charles Germain Lee, Jaime Mears, Eileen Jakeway, Meghan Ferriter, Chris Adams, Nathan Yarasavage, Deborah Thomas, Kate Zwaard, and Daniel S. Weld. 2020. “The Newspaper Navigator Dataset: Extracting Headlines and Visual Content from 16 Million Historic Newspaper Pages in Chronicling America.” In Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management (CIKM ’20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 3055–3062.

Forum on “Locating the Practices of Editors in Multi-Ethnic Periodicals,” American Periodicals, 30.2, 2020. Edited by Jim Casey and Sarah H. Salter. Contributions by Ayendy Bonifacio, Jacqueline Emery, Kelley Kreitz, Todd Thompson, and Jewon Woo.

Sarah H. Salter, “A Hero and His Newspaper: Unsettling Myths of Italian America.” MELUS, 45 (2) Summer 2020, 108-133.


Jim Casey. “Parsing the Special Characters of African American Print Culture: Mary Ann Shadd and the Limits of Search Algorithms.” Against a Sharp White Background: Infrastructures of African American Print, edited by Jonathan Senchyne and Brigitte Fielder. University of Wisconsin Press, 2019.